More changes pt. 2

I thought about it, and went back-and-forth several times, and spent a few hours browsing forums and writer’s blogs… And I’ve decided I’m going to stay Wide and with Royal Road/Patreon. So in general nothing changes at the moment, except that I won’t be posting my serials on this blog or other sites like Wattpad/Tapas/ScribbleHub. I may return to them one day, but for now it was just too much work to keep the cross-posting. Royal Road was gaining me hundreds of reads a new chapter, everywhere else was either a handful, or just none. RR is a great site with a lot of fun things to read if you like fantasy and litrpg and webnovels, and even if you don’t want to read anything beside my work, it’s a good application for reading.

I have added links to my books here for Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple. I’m waiting for verification from Google Play Books, but I’ll be there soon too!

Delphinium is up to chapter 39 right now. I’m finishing up chapter 40 and want to put it up in the next few hours. The current wordcount is 123,322. I also added several Vignettes after the book proper as ‘extras’ because who doesn’t love that sort of thing. (On off-days when I can’t figure out the next chapter for the serieal I’ll write extra Scenes, and decided they should be in the book too).

Also began to write the first book of The Wolf Within, Of Fang and Sword, which only has 213 words, but I’m using The Snowflake Method to come up with a great plot.

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