Almost a year on the Royal Road

I have been on Royal Road for 10 months now. In that time I wrote/finished 20 of the 50 chapters in my second book. The previous 40 chapters (30 finished and another 10 half-done) took me 6 years.

I felt like I was writing too slow. I was disappointing fans and readers of the first book. I wasn’t good enough. I had no feedback, no way to know if anyone liked the story, and it just became a depressing mess. I thought I would never finish it.

But then I found RR. At first I put up some Scenes, unrelated to each other, bits and pieces of various stories, just wanting to spark some interest. But someone commented that they liked the style, but Royal Road was really for web-novels. Long pieces of work, not small unrelated stories.

Then I noticed several of the more popular stories had Amazon editions. I knew Amazon price-matched if your story was in another online retailer and so I assumed if it was just plain free online, they’d force a price-match too. But then I learned that wasn’t the case. So I immediately got Larkspur out of KU, republished it on varying other retailers as well, and put it up on Royal Road. And then I started to put up the early draft of Delphinium. At first I released two or three chapters a week, and then I had a few bad months with some hiatuses, and now I’m releasing a chapter a week. But it’s kept me going.

I got reviews, I got people buying Larkspur, I have patreons paying for early access to future chapters. And I just stayed up all night writing. I am officially on the last chapter of Delphinium. I’m going to finish it today and send it to beta readers, and by May I hope to have it polished, cleaned up, and for sale.

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