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I’ve been working almost nonstop for the past week, and it’s been fun! Delphinium has been released, I’ve gotten two amazing 5-star reviews so far ❤, and there’s been an uptick in sales for Larkspur too!

I’m updating the website a bit. Going to add a section for Maps and Characters and the world in general. Or just a main spot in the menu that will open up other pages? I’m still working it out.

I tried to figure out a way to add my maps to my books, but they are just too large and complicated to fit. In ebooks they would take up a lot of space and data, and they won’t fit in physical releases. So I’ll just be making it easier to search for them and see them online.

Oh, and you read that right- I’m doing physical releases! I always thought Larkspur was too short, but nope, it turns out that while the book will be very thin, it is publishable. So in the next few weeks both Larkspur and Delphinium will have paperback versions.

As an extra bonus there will be a code in each paperback for you to grab a free e-copy of the story.

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