2.22 ~ Fortune Telling

~ (Continued) Hexday, 18th of Aprilis, 11831 ~ After a few moments, instead of turning into the restaurants or to the theater, Lizzy ducked into a smaller side-street. She had seen this place while out with Pierre and Síofra last time, but had not had the chance to mention it. “Where are we going?” Pierre... Continue Reading →

2.21 ~ Fairy Boots

~ Hexday, 18th of Aprilis, 11831 ~ A knock on his door. Pierre sighed and put down his pen. His guards were supposed to keep everyone away from him this evening. Truth be told he was still angry at his advisors and wanted to be alone. Elwin and Rhianu had only stayed one day and... Continue Reading →

2.20 ~ More Letters

~ (Continued) Dvoday, 14th of Aprilis, 11831 ~ His Grace only asked that she contact her parents, and it may even have been faster to send a written message, but Síofra instead dressed to leave and go in person. She had not been home or in Faery for almost a week, and while overall that... Continue Reading →

2.19 ~ Authority

~ Dvoday, 14th of Aprilis, 11831 ~ The next morning Pierre checked upon Alise before breakfast. She was doing well, though in some pain, but that was to be expected. She would not eat anything until late that afternoon, only being allowed some water and tea in the meantime. The full moon had sped up... Continue Reading →

~ First Kiss ~

~ Vijfday, 30th of Iovilios, 11820 ~ She could read some, but not as much as she would like. Given her age though that was not unusual, and a just-turned-seven year old Elizabeth Anne flipped through the pages of a journal looking for pictures to help explain the words. There were sketches of people, many... Continue Reading →

2.18 ~ Surgery

~ (Continued) Iunday, 13th of Aprilis, 11831 ~ “Vivien!” Pierre yelled out as he entered the home. He stepped aside so the father could come in with his daughter, the mother beside him. Wolfram came in last and moved in front of the parents to help Pierre with his things. Jourdain was the closest advisor... Continue Reading →

2.17 ~ Foundling

~ Iunday, 13th of Aprilis, 11831 ~ It was the day of the Frog Moon and a promise of rain hung in the air. Pierre stood beside his open window, taking in the scent of the day as he dressed for appearances as well as the weather. Today would be his first official venture as... Continue Reading →

2.16 ~ Secrets

~ (Continued) Hexday, 11th of Aprilis, 11831 ~ “Síofra?” Elizabeth asked that evening, “Shall you do something with me? It is to be a secret though.” The two were in her room, Lizzy sitting by the vanity and Síofra brushing her hair before bed. Dinner had been wonderful, everyone chatting and getting to know one... Continue Reading →

2.15 ~ The Ladies

~ (Continued) Hexday, 11th of Aprilis, 11831 ~ Lizzy too obtained several letters, one from her brother today and then a shorter one from her parents the day before. Piers’ letter spoke more of his family and newborn son, confessing things that he worried over and did not wish to impose on his wife. Her... Continue Reading →

2.14 ~ Letters

~ Hexday, 11th of Aprilis, 11831 ~ “Why have I not received any correspondence?” Pierre asked, looking up from his journal as he finished writing down some figures that his advisors had given him. “Surely it was known when I was arriving.” He, along with Vivien, Jourdain, and Tibault, were in the room that Pierre... Continue Reading →

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