I’m still here

I sort of fell off the map after I cancelled Delphinium’s pre-order. I’d just started working full time at my new job, which contributed to the cancellation, and I needed to adjust. But more than that I was ashamed that I had to cancel. I have been promising Delphinium ‘soon’ for years now. Many people are waiting for it. I was so close to finishing, and I thought I’d finally found a way with the pre-order and a solid deadline, and having to stop that just shoved me into a funk that I couldn’t shake.

Instead of finishing everything up asap I stopped writing. Looking at the manuscript made me feel ill. I dreaded opening it, re-reading it, adding anything– It only reminded me of how I’d failed yet again. How I was disappointing so many people. So I ignored it entirely.

Yesterday someone pointed out to me that I hadn’t been writing. I snapped back that maybe I’d stop being a writer. I realized as soon as I said it that I didn’t want that. I loved to write and worldbuild and I missed it. We talked a while and whatever weight was on my soul seemed to ease. I can look at Delphinium again, and while I still feel apprehensive, it isn’t the dread it was before.

So, I just wanted to say to everyone that I’m back, and once more I’m sorry for the mess that is my writing my second book.

I’m sorry

Life has gotten hard the last few weeks. A lot has been happening and my time and energy have just disappeared. I have unfortunately cancelled the pre-order for Delphinium. It will not be finished for the, already delayed, September 30th release. I am so very sorry. I will continue to work on it and it will be out as soon as possible. I am especially sorry to the 41 people who have pre-ordered it. I wish I could have done this differently.

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Delphinium beta

I’m almost finished with Part 1 of Delphinium’s Beta Copy! I’ll need to stay up tonight to get it all like I want it, but I’ll be sending it to my betas before I go to sleep. I’ll finish Part 2 in the upcoming two or three weeks and then edit part 1 again as they look over part 2. Finally I’ll wrap that up and put it all together as the final manuscript on Amazon
It’s going to end up being around 100,000 words in length (Larkspur is only about 15,000 words. For another comparison it’ll be about the length of Prisoner of Azkaban). I was hoping for a bit more, but scenes got cut or rearranged, and I’m sure more of that will happen with even more editing. But I think it’s going to end up as a great sequel. We’re at 38 pre-orders and think that that we still have time to hit 50.
After release I’ll return to posting here more often, Scenes and worldbuilding stuff included. I’ll also start working on Book 3 and the first book in another series.

Extended Delphinium’s pre-order

Originally I had aimed to have Delphinium out on August 31st. I’ve bumped the pre-order over by a month and moved it to September 30th. There have been a lot of changes in the book just this last month with me really getting into writing it in detail and I need the time to make sure it’s right (and to give my betas more time as well).

I’m sorry if this disappoints anyone, but I hope a month isn’t much longer to wait, and it helps me get the book exactly where I want it to be 🙂


Inconsistencies, patches, and Larkspur 1.07

(I’m guessing on the version number by the way)

I released Larkspur over 3 years ago. Since then I’ve grown as a person and an author. I can see it in how I’m writing Delphinium and in general as well.

Last night I was reading over Larkspur to double-check something and realized I had inconsistencies. Two, maybe three depending on how you count it. These were things that once I noticed I could not un-see and it bothered me greatly that I had them in a book I released so long ago. No one else had noticed them (whether because no one cared, they were hard to spot, or another reason I’m not sure) but that didn’t matter. I stayed up way too late fixing them and making them work for future readers.

Mostly it was small things- like how Aimé could in no way start his journey from where he was living, receive a message that Pierre was sick, and meet Pierre the next day (it’s a two week trip by carriage), so I added in that he had already been traveling and almost at the castle (thankfully carrier pigeons are fast little mofos and a message could go through. Also added the mention in book 2 that the pigeons were magically modified to be able to find people specifically as well, not just home, as that’s how regular carrier birds work).

I also realized I had Pierre call Pluta magically in the last part of the book, but called out to her at the start- fixed that by adding his magic wasn’t working well at the beginning (made sense too, so that’s nice).

And I made one small change in dialogue- Pierre mentioned something about fée rings and I realized that it would more likely be said by Elizabeth, so changed who said it.

That’s all (for now). For a 15K book I’m quite annoyed that there were so many issues still. None of my writer-friends who read it noticed it, and neither did the editor and copyeditor that helped me out.