130 copies sold!

Hey guys! Just popping in real quick to give an update and some news. As of today I’ve sold 130 copies of Larkspur ❤ I have over 20 reviews throughout varying countries on Amazon and Goodreads, averaging out to a lovely 4.5stars. The main complaint seems to be that it’s so short!

My boyfriend, my dear summer guest, is here for the last day and while it’s terribly sad that he’ll be away for months, I will have time to get writing. More blog coming up, more writing, and I’m going to start putting together a great newsletter and start sending those out- I have 4 subscribers now!


Link to Larkspur, still only 99cents 🙂

Quick update

It’s finals week, so I’ve been busy equal parts studying and trying to procrastinate on studying. When I’m free on Thursday I’ll go back to writing lots, try and hit at least 1K a day. Delphinium will be out this summer, I can’t guess exactly when right now. I’ll then be working on Consolida (book 3) and maybe the first book in another set- still picking out which.

In overall news, I just hit 55 sales, and my reviews keep coming in good. A few 3stars on Goodreads, and one on Amazon UK, but Amazon US are all 4 and 5.

I added a bit more to Larkspur

Not a lot. Like 3 sentences. And they were sentences that I only realized had to be there after I started writing Spadille. I had made mention of Clandestina being a land of healers, and how this forced many of the spirits of death away. Upon rereading I realized this made it sound like illness and death weren’t a problem. This isn’t true. In some ways it’s more of a problem because there are few governing spirits of death, and mortal healers can only do so much. So compared to other lands, you have a higher survival rate in Clandestina after you’re wounded. The healers know their stuff, there are surgeons, etc. But at the same time ‘acts of God’ cannot be controlled. A plague is a plague, and one is more likely to show up in Clandestina to even the score because so many people are surviving physical wounds that should be fatal.

I’m learning a lot of this as I go along. I’ve had Pierre and these characters in my head for about ten years. I know them well. But at the same time this has gone through so many changes, and thinking about it is different than writing it out. It’s like a different part of the brain is being used. So as I’m typing I come up with twists I didn’t realize were there, and yet make total sense.

The problem being, I’m writing volume 2, and volume 1 is out. Again, I fixed it, but I’ve had 37 buys and over 1000 downloads. Some people might be confused.

I am going to try and keep explaining this in volume 2 and hope it doesn’t seem like a contradiction. I have to email Amazon and get them to update everyone’s files. Which really should be an automatic process, but that’s a rant for another post.


Wow. My free day was amazing. In total, over a 24 hour period, I had 864 downloads. A great majority from the US, but a fair few from Canada, the UK, and 4 from Germany. I think even an Aussie picked up a copy.

Today, the day after, I’ve had 10 *sales.* Yup, sales– people paying money to get Larkspur. I had thought about putting the price back up to $2.99 for a few days, but decided against it- Larkspur remains at 99cents. This isn’t about cash, it’s about readers, and making my name with writing. The cash and fame can come later 😛 It is also motivating me to write Spadille. I need more books out. It’s been a month, which isn’t a very long time, but pretty much forever on the internet. If there isn’t an update soon, 9 out of those 10 buyers will probably forget all about me.

To anyone reading this who downloaded or bought Larkspur- thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Spadille, and other projects

Spadille, Larkspur’s sequel, has been properly started. I had a few sentences and an outline, but couldn’t get around to sitting down and really thinking about it and writing until today. My goal is to finish before end of term (or soon after), so for it to be out around mid-May. I also want it to be about twice the length of Larkspur, ~30K. There is a book 3 on deck, but that is still being thought about in terms of theme and title (I know the general time span that it will encompass). The series as a whole will also be released as an omnibus edition when this is all finished. Whether it has 3 or 4 books will depends on when I think I can wrap up this section of their lives.

A stand-alone story involving Ophion and his adopted daughter Eglė is also being outlined (for the moment just called Eglė, not sure if it’ll stay so simply titled). This takes place several years before Larkspur, Pierre will likely have a cameo, along with his parents.

About stories in other realms- Dear Friend, which takes place in Dracæna, is being put aside for now. I don’t have enough to make it a story of any decent length. It can be a quick 5K read, but between it sounding like it should be erotica (and not being), and how it won’t directly tie into the greater arc for Dracæna, I want more time to flesh it out.

Ibella may be the next realm on the list that get a story- I have a stand-alone (probably) worked out for one main character, and a duology beginning the main conflict. Having said this, I bet I’m impatient again and split up the stand-alone into a series anyway.

Tomorrow Larkspur will have been out for officially a month, and to celebrate it will be free. Since it was first published I’ve done a little cleaning up- fixed a typo here and there, tried to be consistent when I used Faery/fée/fairy, and added about 500 words of extra information to clear things up in various spots. If you do get it and like it, which I certainly hope you will, please leave a review! I have 6 so far (and 2 on Goodreads) ((that’s amazing!)) and every person vouching helps.

Have a lovely day everyone ❤

Cover, and sales

I’m still not sure about Larkspur’s cover. I love it, but that doesn’t mean other people do. Or that they’ll be inclined to check out my story based on it. It’s fairly gothic, and I think now that the blood’s more prominent and red you can see it on the thumbnail. But it doesn’t really say romance, does it? The subtitle does (A Necromancer’s Romance) and also puts it into context as paranormal/dark fantasy. Yet I’m barely getting a sale a day- and that’s only if I take the time to remind people I have a book out. Should I change the cover? Or am I just being impatient? I’ve only been a published author for about three weeks. My reviews are good, I’ve certainly had compliments about the cover. Maybe I just need time. And to write the next story, giving them more reason to look into a short book one.

50 people now subscribe to my blog, by the way, which is awesome. I’d like to hear some of your thoughts- do you like the cover, would it cause you to pick up the book? Have you read my story, does the cover ‘fit’ with it, or not? Or just say hello, that would be nice too ❤