Black Friday Book Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m getting ready to start making all the delicious food, but thought I’d tell y’all of a sale tomorrow. A bunch of authors from KBoards got together, swapped summaries and covers, and are going to promote each other on their blogs/facebook/twitter this Friday! So if you’re looking for some new books to pass the time this weekend pop by tomorrow and pick up some new novels 🙂

Amazon is promoting Larkspur!

This is so cool! I just woke up and go to check my email. Nothing new, just something over in ‘promotions’ so I click there to see if it’s interesting. It’s from Amazon.. but wait, I know that title! Amazon sent me an email asking if I’d like to buy my own short story!

Amazon promo

There were a few other books on the list too, but mine was not only first, the title shows up in the email description!


I won’t be able to hit a release-at-midnight June 30th deadline. But I’m trying to keep the release date set, even if it’s further in the day or evening. If I upload it late, Amazon might not put it up until Tuesday… I’m trying, and I apologize for cutting is so close. It’s possible I won’t get it done in time, and it’s killing me that I’ve done this twice now. It’s unprofessional and you guys who took a risk with a silly indie newb deserve better.

Writing Day

I have a tentative date for Delphinium’s release (those signed up for the newsletter know the ‘about this time’ date already 😉 No hard promises yet though). But to hit it I have to start working *today.* Boyfriend’s visiting friends in Florida now, and my summer classes are relatively low intensity, so it’s writing time. No distractions.

Right now I’m at 4403 words– not a lot at all sadly. The goal is ~30K to ~35K, at least double Larkspur and hopefully longer. The good news is is that I have an outline, and I know far more about what I’m doing than when I was attempting the first book. I know I can hit a few thousand words a day, and at least the first time I set a public release date with Larkspur I hit it. Plus now I have far more people actually interested in my work. No pressure, right? 🙂



I’ve been less active online and with twitter the last few days (resulting in no sales sadly. Marketing is important people!) This may continue– my boyfriend is in town. We’re long distance (I’m in the US, him in the UK) so this is the first time we’ve seen each other in person in three years. Exciting and fun! (Not sure whether this blog is a writing-only blog or a personal-life blog, so I may write about it a little if no one objects).

I started this post to tell y’all that I might be more away with this, but the opposite might happen where I’m inspired and I stay up half the night writing. Sort of want to do that now despite it being 1am. I will still be about though, and I’m going to have 15 minutes on Monday from 5:45pm-6pm where I’m at another writer’s facebook book release party. I’ll be answering some questions, and one person will be chosen/win a copy of Larkspur. I will recheck that information and give it it’s own post tomorrow.

Hope everyone’s having a good day!


I did an interview today! It was with I befriended the main author, Michael DeAngelo, on reddit a few weeks ago right before he started doing additional indie author reviews, and he emailed me questions this morning. I answered and mailed them back. We did this two more times, additional questions surfacing, and I went into more detail with each inquiry. He was really professional, had done his research (read my book and looked over my blog), and was genuinely interested.

I still feel weird having done my ‘first professional interview’ as an author, even if it’s with other indie writers. There will be some small spoilers about Larkspur, but nothing that should harm your enjoyment. Still—Spoilers, Sweetie.

The interview should be up Wednesday 🙂