This was supposed to be up on Friday, but school got in the way.

This is a bloghop- authors writing about themselves, and other authors, and just spreading the love of literature through our blogs. The lovely Linda Acaster sent me some questions, and I’ll answer them for you guys. Her blog is and her Amazon author page is

1) What are you working on?
Right now I’m working on book II of the Larkspur series, Delphinium. It starts off a few days after Larkspur ended, with them leaving the capital of the kingdom and going to the capital of Pierre’s duchy. Things are starting to get more complicated, with noble duties being something Pierre has to get used to, along with courting Lizzy and teaching Wolfram about necrocræft.
2) What is happening around you while you write?
Not much, usually. I’m in my room relatively closed off, headphones and music or white-noise blocking everything out.
3) Explain your research routine
I love research. If I hear/watch/read something that might even be a tiny bit relevant to something in my world, I go wikipedia it right away. I’ll get the basics from there, and then double-check with a few other sources online. I’ll then start working it into my world to see how that fits in Noctuina.
4) Which comes first plot strand, character, or…..?
Characters. Someone interesting shows up, and from that one person I start to work out where they are, what they do, which realm they live in. Their family and friends help build the cast until I have a group of people, and probably a few generations worked out.
If you guys have any questions you’d like to ask me feel free to leave a comment, I’ll add that in to this interview too!