Amazon is promoting Larkspur!

This is so cool! I just woke up and go to check my email. Nothing new, just something over in ‘promotions’ so I click there to see if it’s interesting. It’s from Amazon.. but wait, I know that title! Amazon sent me an email asking if I’d like to buy my own short story!

Amazon promo

There were a few other books on the list too, but mine was not only first, the title shows up in the email description!


Oh my goodness, I love all of you: Larkspur has 6 reviews, averaging 4.5‘s!

Every time I look at the work, all I see are tiny errors, or things I would have phrased differently. I’m waiting for that 1 review to show up, calling me out for daring to say I’m a real writer.. and yet people enjoy it. 3 of the reviews are 4, and 3 are 5, so far it’s been well received and liked by everyone. And no, none of these are family members 😀

“I like my fiction dark, and V.M. Jaskiernia knows how to deliver. Her approach to necromancy was fresh and alluring, the story was fluid, and I was full immersed in the world V.M. created from the first page.”

“Larkspur is a simple, beautiful, and slightly twisted love story. My imagination came to life with the images that Jaskiernia created. The author has a way with words that I am excited to see expanded upon in the sequel.”

“Necromancers are cool, and in this book, they are even cooler.”

I guess I’m a real author guys, and not half bad. My childhood dream has officially come true ❤ Now to keep writing.