Thank you (also tidbits)

I love people. You guys especially. Several of you, here and on facebook, have assured me that you’d prefer to wait a little then get a rushed book. Thank you so much for taking the time to say that.

Here are some tidbits and things I’ve had to elaborate or change, which partially brought about thes econd delay.

– Mora has more screentime and character development. I’ve known her a character a long time, but she has always been out-of-reach in what she really has planned.

– Vampires. 200 years ago Triumphe gained some land that used to belong to vampires, an extension of a city in Italaviana that crossed realm borders. They aren’t happy (or forgetful).

– Lizzy’s plot has changed somewhat.Something that happened to her in the previous draft isn’t in play any more, and so a few things are being moved around.

Again, thank you guys for being so supportive. I’ll keep writing quickly, and keeping you informed about the story.