This was supposed to be up on Friday, but school got in the way.

This is a bloghop- authors writing about themselves, and other authors, and just spreading the love of literature through our blogs. The lovely Linda Acaster sent me some questions, and I’ll answer them for you guys. Her blog is and her Amazon author page is

1) What are you working on?
Right now I’m working on book II of the Larkspur series, Delphinium. It starts off a few days after Larkspur ended, with them leaving the capital of the kingdom and going to the capital of Pierre’s duchy. Things are starting to get more complicated, with noble duties being something Pierre has to get used to, along with courting Lizzy and teaching Wolfram about necrocræft.
2) What is happening around you while you write?
Not much, usually. I’m in my room relatively closed off, headphones and music or white-noise blocking everything out.
3) Explain your research routine
I love research. If I hear/watch/read something that might even be a tiny bit relevant to something in my world, I go wikipedia it right away. I’ll get the basics from there, and then double-check with a few other sources online. I’ll then start working it into my world to see how that fits in Noctuina.
4) Which comes first plot strand, character, or…..?
Characters. Someone interesting shows up, and from that one person I start to work out where they are, what they do, which realm they live in. Their family and friends help build the cast until I have a group of people, and probably a few generations worked out.
If you guys have any questions you’d like to ask me feel free to leave a comment, I’ll add that in to this interview too!’s spotlit indie book: Larkspur!

I received an email this morning that Larkspur will be’s spotlit indie book this Friday! You should be able to find it here,, though as it is Tuesday my book won’t be there yet. I’ll edit with a direct link when it goes live.

I have been super excited and happy ever since I published Larkspur. People seem to like it, and it averages 4.3 stars right now on Amazon 🙂 I’m getting the outline done for Spadille, along with the scraps and few raw paragraphs I have already written. School’s getting a bit in the way, and I won’t be able to start my Elegant Darkness review series as soon as I’d hoped (though, I did sign up to Goodreads, I might be able to review some darker works I’ve already read there and cross-post).

My interview with Tellest will be live at midnight tonight, I’ll edit in the link for that as well when I can.

Thank you everyone who has bought or downloaded my book, and helped/encouraged me while I was finishing it, and now dealing with it being a ‘real book.’ Remember to sign up for the email list if you want extras or early snippets, and if you have read and liked the book- please leave a review!

Hope everyone’s having an awesome day!



I did an interview today! It was with I befriended the main author, Michael DeAngelo, on reddit a few weeks ago right before he started doing additional indie author reviews, and he emailed me questions this morning. I answered and mailed them back. We did this two more times, additional questions surfacing, and I went into more detail with each inquiry. He was really professional, had done his research (read my book and looked over my blog), and was genuinely interested.

I still feel weird having done my ‘first professional interview’ as an author, even if it’s with other indie writers. There will be some small spoilers about Larkspur, but nothing that should harm your enjoyment. Still—Spoilers, Sweetie.

The interview should be up Wednesday 🙂

Self-publishing is so fun!

I am having so much fun self-publishing. There’s so much freedom to it! I find an error- fix it, reupload, and it’s all good. I decided I’d prefer an earlier version of the cover, and I’m updating it in a few minutes when my last change finishes going through.

Keywords! I used it more like a tagging system, but was informed of how certain categories are flagged with certain keywords, so that’s what I just changed now. It should be under varying interesting categories soon, like witches and wizards, and paranormal.

Also emailed a few bloggers, asking if they’d like to read/review Larkspur. I do have an interview with a friend who has a fantasy-website as well. 1K down with Spadille, vol 2 of The Courting of Life and Death, and it’s the weekend- time to write.

Good times are here, finally.