Mailing List Promo!

Early NaNo is going well. I’ve not hit my wordcount exactly every day, but I am consistently working and excited.

With Delphinium now slated to be out soon I wanted to reward you lovely lot.

As you know Larkspur is set as permanently free. This is in the US Amazon, Kobo, and B&N online stores. Amazon in other regions hasn’t price-matched, but it’s at .99 in those places.

Delphinium will be $2.99 at release, maybe upped to $3.99 at a later point. It is going to be 100K+, so *seven* times longer than Larkspur. You will have gotten your money’s worth 🙂

I know I’ve taken ages with it, I know many of you are waiting for it. And so, to those that have joined, or will join, my mailing list before the release will be getting Delphinium for free. After it’s officially out you’ll have to pay. But for the next two months or so (as I finish and then edit it) anyone who joins the list will get a free copy as soon as it is done.

I am not requiring a review to get this copy, though I’d adore if you left your thoughts. This is my gift to you.

Join this list to get a free ARC copy of Delphinium before its release!

New Author Note

I’ve written a new author note at the beginning of Larkspur. It has a few calls to action as well as my warm regards. At the end of the book I’ve also added the opening scene to Delphinium – read it here


Hello, dear reader. Thank you for picking up Larkspur, my first story out of many planned. I hope you enjoy it and I’d truly appreciate a review after you finish.

This is a dark story, with equal displays of affection and violence. The tenants and practices of the magic are strictly fictional. But I hope you see the love as real.

Volume two of The Larkspur Series, Delphinium, or A Necromancer’s Home, is being written and will be out soon. It expanded from a short sequel to a 100K+ novel, so it is taking me a bit longer than I’d planned to finish. In the meantime, I am writing short scenes, vignettes, from Clandestina and other realms, on my website –

If you would like upcoming information, tidbits, and promotional days, please sign up for the Noctuinad Mailing list –

In addition to the current series, many other stories that take place in Clandestina (and in other realms of Noctuina) are in the works.

You may also contact me personally by:


Twitter:  @vmjaskiernia

Happy reading,

Victoria M. Jaskiernia


I haven’t written anything in a few days. This is true of the blog, and of Larkspur. I have been thinking and plotting through some stories that take place in Ibella, and some different parts of Clandestina, but I know it isn’t the same.

I’m afraid. I’m proud of my currently writing, but I worry whenever I edit that I’ll mess it up. I think Larkspur will have to be longer, where I currently ‘end’ seems like a problem to me. In some ways this is good, the story will have more words and I’ll be more at peace (I initially wrote ‘piece’ here..) with the $2.99 price. But I still have to write all that. And really, I say end, but the last 1/4th is like zombie-level skin and bones, none of the good chunks of flesh (taking the metaphor too far?).

It’s a dismal update, I know.

On a slightly brighter note, I have set up an email list! You can click to subscribe to the left under Noctuinad Links. At the moment I do not have anyone signed up, but as soon as I get even one name I’ll try and write something, maybe a paragraph from Larkspur that hasn’t been posted online yet, or some info on another realm.