The meaning of Larkspur

I put a lot of thought into my titles. Of the 5 or so stories I have plotted in my new schedule, the titles of each have layered meanings. Spelling it out defeats the purpose… but I think I will anyway. At least for one story.

Larkspur. It’s a flower. In the Victorian Language of Flowers it can mean fickleness, or ardent love. In purple is symbolizes first love. It’s also the birth-flower of July, and used to keep away ghosts and other evil/poisonous things. Yet, it itself it a poison and can be fatal.

So no, I didn’t pick a random pretty flower to represent the beginning of a necrocræft user’s romance.

The next volume is titled Spadille. That is the name for the Ace of Spades in certain card games. The Ace of Spades, you may not be aware, it at times designated the Death Card.