Larkspur is up on Nook, Kobo, and Scribd!




Nook doesn’t have the description up yet, should be up soon, and I’m loving Scribd’s 3D cover. Kobo in general is amazing. Larkspur is still published up over on iBooks, they seem to take the longest to get anything through.

❤’s spotlit indie book: Larkspur!

I received an email this morning that Larkspur will be’s spotlit indie book this Friday! You should be able to find it here,, though as it is Tuesday my book won’t be there yet. I’ll edit with a direct link when it goes live.

I have been super excited and happy ever since I published Larkspur. People seem to like it, and it averages 4.3 stars right now on Amazon 🙂 I’m getting the outline done for Spadille, along with the scraps and few raw paragraphs I have already written. School’s getting a bit in the way, and I won’t be able to start my Elegant Darkness review series as soon as I’d hoped (though, I did sign up to Goodreads, I might be able to review some darker works I’ve already read there and cross-post).

My interview with Tellest will be live at midnight tonight, I’ll edit in the link for that as well when I can.

Thank you everyone who has bought or downloaded my book, and helped/encouraged me while I was finishing it, and now dealing with it being a ‘real book.’ Remember to sign up for the email list if you want extras or early snippets, and if you have read and liked the book- please leave a review!

Hope everyone’s having an awesome day!


Too short

Got a second review on Larkspur today! Another 4 Star, with the same issue as the first—it was short.

It’s only 14.5K. You’re right, it is short. Hopefully a little sweet, and twisted, but short all the same. I’ve been working on Larkspur for 2 years. Not because it was a lot to write, but I couldn’t do more than a few sentences or pages at a time. I rewrote and edited and tried to perfect what I had. And perfection is impossible. So I often decided it was all shit, and I’m a useless writer as well. And while not deleting it, I would leave it entirely alone for days or weeks. Time piled up.

I wanted to finally finish this story and get my work out there. I did that. I’m proud of that.

I do wish it was longer, though. There were things I didn’t have time to write because I set a hard end-date for myself. In some ways that’s ok, the story doesn’t veer off into any subplots. A bit of family, but mostly it’s a short romance.

Spadille, volume 2, will be (I’m hoping) at least 25K. Longer than that maybe. If I can find a rhythm, and work on my thoughts-to-wordcount ratio, maybe I’ll get into the habit of writing a lot fast. Spadille will have more plot threads, more veering off and secondary characters. I think there will be a volume three, and then the ‘Court of Life and Death’ series will end there. I’ll have an omnibus, probably put Larkspur on .99 or free, and start the next series.

Note that when I do finish this series, it is not the last of Pierre, Clandestina, or necrocræft. I have a lot of stories to tell in that realm, about that family, extended family, and all the rest. A stand-alone story about Ophion and how he met his adopted daughter, Eglė, is in the works as well.

So yes, in a few months, when Spadille is out (and the third volume), Larkspur will just be your first taste. The undertone of flowers and blood that leads you to more, and does not promise something that is yet out of reach.

Larkspur: 24th March

I have spent the entire day writing and editing Larkspur. I have a little over 12K (cut a lot, added a lot), and I need a few more scenes fleshed out before I’m satisfied with the arc. I think I can get the end wordcount at ~15K. By technical definitions this would make it a novelette, though novella has been used for that length as well (I prefer the term novelette honestly).

Unfortunately have classes all day long tomorrow, so it takes the entire day away from me writing-wise. That said, I think I’ll finish soon. Really soon. I am hesitantly promising that I will have Larkspur done by the 22nd. It will be the day after Spring starts, and canonically the last day the story takes place on as well- it spans Martius/Prima 14th – 22nd. The dates are very important for fictional magical fĂ©e reasons, and there’s a certain level of satisfaction to finishing the book on the canon-dates. I couldn’t have it done for the 14th, but I’m doing my best to have it done at least by the last day. You can imagine the actions had to finish taking place before I could write them down and give them story form.

This is my first book, my first completed story in years. I have worked on it for two years, trying to make it perfect. I know it isn’t, but it’s as close as it is going to get. I need to work on the next story, and actually be a writer and author.

I am going to try my damnedest not to take another two years for the next story. If I can find some sort of rhythm I will attempt a monthly schedule, but I can make no hard promises at this time. Think of it like comic book releases, a month apart, but sometimes there’s a ~week off one way or the other depending when it’s published. I have an idea of what the next few stories will be (one a sequel to Larkspur, and another the beginning of a different realm’s stories), and between trying to work within an outline and giving myself real ‘writing time’ I hope I can become professional very quickly.

The story will be uploaded to Kindle late the 21st, or early the 22nd. I have heard it may take Amazon 24-48 hours to put the book up for sale (I had hoped it was far faster, but alas) and so I am giving the official release date as Monday, March 24th (if it shows up online before, say the evening of the 23rd, I will inform everyone!). The first two or three days it will be free, I just ask if you do read the story you leave a review.

Larkspur, by V. M. Jaskiernia

“Pierre Salvador has returned to court after finishing his studies, and a party in his honour happens that very evening. But feeling unwell so shortly after his travels, the princeling excuses himself from dancing-and-flirting with Lady Elizabeth Anne, and retreats to his quarters with a black cat in tow. In addition to medical university, Pierre has almost finished the last task set by Mora, lady of death, to complete his study in necrocræft. An illegal magic, the power over life and death, he courts Mora as he also begins to court Elizabeth. Love or death?”

Story info, covers, sequel!

Two new covers, another one for Larkspur and one for its sequel Spadille. They showcase the themes of the story- taking place in the kingdom of Triumphe, the four main duchies are named after playing card suits: 

CĹ“urs – The Duchy of Hearts (the royal family is associated with CĹ“urs)
Trèfles – The Duchy of Clovers
Carreaux – The Duchy of Diamonds
Piques – The Duchy of Spades (Pierre’s Duchy)

Each cover also has a specific card portrayed on it- the Queen of Hearts for Larkspur, and the Ace of Spades for Spadille.

These stories take place in the realm of Clandestina, where the illegal and immoral magic of necrocræft is a whispered rumour throughout the noble families. It is an understanding and manipulation of life and death far past that of the physical healing and surgery most of Clandestina is known for. The princeling Pierre Salvador, fostered by the roi Edgard since the age of thirteen, has also since then been a student of the cræft, and dearly beloved by Mora, the Lady of Death. Returning home after an early graduation from medical university, Pierre wishes to finish his studies in magic as well, but finds himself smitten by the comte’s daughter Elizabeth Anne.