I was a weird child

I’ve been making up stories since I was a little kid. Between not having too many friends and reading a lot, it just seemed natural to create adventures. To show you how odd of a little girl I was, the first story I remember definitely fleshing out involved werewolves, vampires, and an organization that hunted them down. I was in 5th grade.. Yeah. Also this happened at a school, so there were student hunters who actively looked for and killed other students. The teachers, oddly, remained neutral and tried to keep the violence from happening, but couldn’t stop it if it was taking place.

The main character was the head hunter for her grade. She got caught coming back from a meeting and was attacked by a werewolf and vampire, becoming a mixture of both. Now a part of the school’s supernatural community, she has to deal with her old friends trying to kill her and no longer seeing her as worth anything. Little mary-sue-y with the were-vamp, but hey, I was 12.

I may need to come back to that plot though..

Anyway. I tried for a while to say my stories weren’t actually dark (to sound a little more like a normal person).. but everyone who knew me also knew I loved Grimm and Poe. I wasn’t fooling anyone.

I’ve been writing down things for about twelve years now. I was 13 when I wrote a ghost story romance about a mute girl who was being warned by a ghost about a murderer stalking her. In the end she died, and was reunited with her ghost. Yay? I stole the ending from another short story I read in a book earlier that week, but the rest of my idea was original.

I don’t see who I was trying to convince I wasn’t dark, looking back I clearly failed. Maybe it was me?