Part .5 of Delphinium, Beta Edition

Once again my over-estimations come back to haunt me. Here’s part of the first ‘chapter’ of Delphinium, about a 4th of it. This is why I gave the vague ‘day or two’ for estimations. Slow and steady did finally win the race though, so I’ll keep writing even if it’s only a little at a time.

She had become ill. A cough began the day of their departure and lasted throughout the  journey, bringing with it chills and taking away her appetite. Three days from Piques’s capital they were commanded to stop and rest in town, her suitor refusing to go further until she improved. As his orders were that of duc and doctor none could argue.

He carried her to the most elegant suite at the inn as if he were already her husband, laying her down in bed, but then moving to the hall while a maid helped her undress. When he entered again she was curled up under the covers and shivering. Ignoring the maid he made his way to the lady, kissing her forehead and letting his lips linger to both comfort and asses a fever.

“I am unfamiliar with what ails you, my dear,” he said, stroking back her curls. Her blue eyes were unfocused, her skin pale save for blotches on her cheeks. “I will consult with local physicians about this. You will be better soon.” His studies had been in surgery, not illness, but he would take extraordinary measures to make her well.

“Forgive me for being so much trouble—” A kiss silenced her. The thought that he could catch her illness entered his mind for a moment, but the desire to show her no blame won over. And if he did fall ill and feel the symptoms himself, at least he might be able to hold back the spirits that plagued her.

She broke the kiss to cough, spots of red betraying how much worse her condition had become.

“Rest for now,” he said softly. He took out a handkerchief and wiped away the blood from her lips, then tucked her in. She lay facing away and only mumbled a reply. The duc remained standing by her side, not wanting to leave her, one hand still stroking blonde hair that was damp from fever and sweat.

“There is drink for Lady Elizabeth by the bed, Your Grace,” the maid spoke up, breaking into his thoughts. “And chimes to the servant’s room for when she wakes.”

“Thank you, you may go,” he replied over his shoulder. Pouring his love a glass of diluted wine he paused after setting down the glass- the maid had left and the door was barely ajar. He took off his gloves and, with a pin taken from the folds of his clothing, he pricked a finger. Blood seeped out, becoming dark first with saturation and then in hue. When it dripped down his hand the trail left behind was black.

He let several drops of blood fall into her wine before putting on his gloves again. They were black as well, and by sight one would not see the bloodstains.

“Sleep well, Lizzy. Do not forget to drink. I will have a light dinner brought to you later.” She did not reply a second time, already asleep or too weak to answer.

He closed the door behind himself softly, uncertain if he wanted to leave without making her at least drink first. But no, she needed to rest, it would do her good before any magic enchanted her. And he needed his own rest before using any cræft.

He went to his own rooms, smiling when he walked in to see his cat lying on a pillow. A pure black queen, she was his constant companion and confidant.  He sat beside her and pulled her into his lap, not a care for the expensive clothes that would be covered in fur. He held her close as a pet from childhood and not the Familiar she usually was.

“She is very ill,” he told her. “I do not know what to do, Pluta. I don’t know how to feel. A doctor has been sent for, what if they can offer no help either?”

Pluta pressed herself to her master. He did not often worry, but Elizabeth had become close to him again these last few weeks, a childhood friendship becoming an adult’s desire for true companionship and love.

“What is the worst that can happen?” the cat said. To most it would sound like purring or mewling, but to him and those that knew necrocræft it would be human tongue.

“She could suffer,” he replied. “And I might not be able to do anything.”

Thank you (also tidbits)

I love people. You guys especially. Several of you, here and on facebook, have assured me that you’d prefer to wait a little then get a rushed book. Thank you so much for taking the time to say that.

Here are some tidbits and things I’ve had to elaborate or change, which partially brought about thes econd delay.

– Mora has more screentime and character development. I’ve known her a character a long time, but she has always been out-of-reach in what she really has planned.

– Vampires. 200 years ago Triumphe gained some land that used to belong to vampires, an extension of a city in Italaviana that crossed realm borders. They aren’t happy (or forgetful).

– Lizzy’s plot has changed somewhat.Something that happened to her in the previous draft isn’t in play any more, and so a few things are being moved around.

Again, thank you guys for being so supportive. I’ll keep writing quickly, and keeping you informed about the story.


I won’t be able to hit a release-at-midnight June 30th deadline. But I’m trying to keep the release date set, even if it’s further in the day or evening. If I upload it late, Amazon might not put it up until Tuesday… I’m trying, and I apologize for cutting is so close. It’s possible I won’t get it done in time, and it’s killing me that I’ve done this twice now. It’s unprofessional and you guys who took a risk with a silly indie newb deserve better.


I have OCD and depression. It’s summer, so they’re fairly under control and I’m doing well. But in winter it’s pretty bad, and until recently I wasn’t all that well no matter the time of year. I’m past the worst of it, but before that and after it I still worried about if I was any good as a writer. Regular old self-doubt and low self-esteem. I didn’t know if there was a point to my writing. I didn’t think myself that good at it, or thought that anyone would like it if I did manage to finish anything. Larkspur took me two years to write. It’s a 15K novelette… and for a year and a half all I had was 5K. The ballroom scene, and the latter bedroom one. I added, took away, rewrote.. I wanted it perfect. Eventually I gave myself a hard deadline and forced myself to finish. It took another month after publication to catch all the small errors, and make the cover nice and professional, but I finally did it.

And people like it.

I got my 15th review on tonight. Another 5 star. Another stranger who likes my work. That’s not even taking into account goodreads, and the other country amazons.

Most of these are strangers. At the very closest random internet friends. No family, or real-life buddies..  random people think my work has worth. They want to read the next story. I have 21 people at the Delphinium Release party.

I can’t believe how lucky I am that this is falling into place. My silly childhood dream is coming true.

Writing and working on Delphinium right now, I have time and music and tea. And I’m smiling and happy because I know I’m alright. I don’t have to doubt and fret. It’s a really nice feeling.

Larkspur is up on Nook, Kobo, and Scribd!




Nook doesn’t have the description up yet, should be up soon, and I’m loving Scribd’s 3D cover. Kobo in general is amazing. Larkspur is still published up over on iBooks, they seem to take the longest to get anything through.


Yesterday was Larkspur’s last day in Kindle Select. I made the last two days give-aways and had 430 copies taken up by folk on the internets. Hope a few end up leaving reviews ❤

It’s been 90 days since I published Larkspur. Sold 138 copies, and gave away over a thousand. It’s been sent through Draft2Digital, though it seems to take Nook/Kobo and those lot longer to get stuff up than Amazon. I’ll write another post when it’s live.

Delphinium is taking a few twists and I’m having to change a few scenes here and there. The more I write, the more.. different it gets in a few ways. I’m trying not to make the same mistake as with Larkspur and rush it, so I’m letting this play out. Much more to do with Italaviana, and the inter-realm politics, but it should settle back to just being about necrocræft for a book or two after. It is fairly full circle since in the first versions of these stories, Pierre and company were vampires (as well as necrocræft users. Well, back then it was Black Magic and Forbidden Magic). You’ll meet a new character from Italaviana, Silas, who has his own set of stories that take place a few hundred years before the Larkspur series.

I’m also starting to think about what the next series I want to be writing will be. It should be better to have two or three realms engaged at one time so I don’t end up bored with one set, and so people get used to a lot of different places. I don’t want to be that author who has one series everyone likes, but everything else they do is ignored because it just isn’t that first one. I love Clandestina, and I’m very proud of the necrocræft magical system, but there’s so much more I just want to write about- wizards, dreamers, werewolves, ringian, unicorns, magicians… Noctuina is a conglomerate of so many countries and kingdoms and worlds, they all deserve to be noticed. I’m hoping that since they are all take place in the same universe and occasionally interact, this won’t be as difficult as if they were different universes entirely.

I’m thinking Ibella. Also Italy inspired, it’s near Italaviana. The magic of the realm comes from it being connected to the planes of dreams and nightmares. Political issues arise when the ruling powers in Reality are threatened that some of their citizens hold allegiance to other royals in different planes. Those that can enter the realm of dreams or nightmares are being taken and imprisoned. Dreams and Nightmares also have problems with each other.

Kobo, Nook, iBooks, and Scribd

Are the four platforms that Draft2Digital will send your ebook when you distribute with them. And I’ve already uploaded Larkspur: A Necromancer’s Romance to their systems 🙂 It’ll still be 99¢ on all platforms, and should be up in several hours.

If you’re using a kindle, Larkspur is still FREE today on Amazon. Just click the lovely picture to your right and you’ll be taken to the US site.

Delphinium, Book 2, has a release date of June 30th– bumped over from the 20th because schoolwork got in the way. But this will give readers on other platforms a little time to read the first book and perhaps tell a friend.

Have a fantastic day, everyone! Now back to that essay I’ve been procrastinating on…