Little update

I’ve been having a few really good days lately, but sadly not so much to do with writing. I saw Eddie Izzard last night 🙂 There was a Q&A after the show and he walked by our side of the crowd to get to the middle- shook my hand ❤ He had lovely nail polish and earrings in (action transvestite, you see).

I’ve mostly been hanging about with my boyfriend, watching QI and Ally McBeal between games of Magic: The Gathering. Fun times. I am really wanting to write though. I’ve had enough ‘no writing’ days that it’s starting to get a little boring. I’ll go to bed early tonight and take the laptop, Far too many people have told me Larkspur was short, and they want to read moar. I really do owe them Delphinium.

I do have a little book news- got my first sale in Australia today, which is exciting. Also Just Kindle Books has put up Larkspur as it’s Fantasy/SciFi story of the day 🙂