I’ve been less active online and with twitter the last few days (resulting in no sales sadly. Marketing is important people!) This may continue– my boyfriend is in town. We’re long distance (I’m in the US, him in the UK) so this is the first time we’ve seen each other in person in three years. Exciting and fun! (Not sure whether this blog is a writing-only blog or a personal-life blog, so I may write about it a little if no one objects).

I started this post to tell y’all that I might be more away with this, but the opposite might happen where I’m inspired and I stay up half the night writing. Sort of want to do that now despite it being 1am. I will still be about though, and I’m going to have 15 minutes on Monday from 5:45pm-6pm where I’m at another writer’s facebook book release party. I’ll be answering some questions, and one person will be chosen/win a copy of Larkspur. I will recheck that information and give it it’s own post tomorrow.

Hope everyone’s having a good day!