Usually when I start writing, I start to worry. If not outright panic. Everything from “my story sucks” to “I am no good at this at all.” And so after a while I generally stop and go do something else. I haven’t felt safe and happy when I write in a while.

Today I’ve been writing for an hour. I was going to post that part 2 will be up tonight, but I think that’s just adding another layer of pressure. So while I am aiming for that, I’m not stating it. Because, having written for an hour- I feel better with writing.

I started working on part 2, knowing part 1 was short by a hundred words, and not really knowing where to go. Then I started typing and a completely different scene showed up. So now that gets the stage for part 2, and part 1 gets longer because I want the lead-up to be there.

And that’s ok! I liked exploring where this was going, even if it veered away from my outline and some of the current scenes. It felt right.

If I can manage to get this feeling more often, make myself write at least an hour a day, I can not only get a lot more done- I can feel like I used to, when I realized at 13 that the stories in my head could be put on paper.

More snippets for your patience 🙂

“The Royal Land of Hearts clings to its humanity– did you never notice other students uncertain of being paired with you to study, or even professors wary of you?” He had, of course, but never thought it had anything to do with being fée. His status as princeling, perhaps, or even an aura about him because of the dark cræft he practiced, but not his being the son of a man who had been spirited away. Then again, his closest friend at University was from the duchy where a misstep in the woods would lead you into a fée’s domain.