Larkspur is up on Nook, Kobo, and Scribd!




Nook doesn’t have the description up yet, should be up soon, and I’m loving Scribd’s 3D cover. Kobo in general is amazing. Larkspur is still published up over on iBooks, they seem to take the longest to get anything through.

Indie Books

I used to be a hypocrite. I mean, I probably still am in a few ways that aren’t coming to mind right now, but I mean about books and self-publishing. I’ve planned to self-publish for years. I liked the freedom, the lack of time restrictions, even the idea of having a fair amount of input on the cover. But during all those years I hadn’t ever bought or read a self-published book.

I did read fanfiction. I still do. Some of my favourite stories are fanfics. So I was aware that there were and are independent writers who are good at what they do (even if you have to search a bit harder to find them)… And still I hadn’t gotten a self-published book because a part of me worried it wouldn’t be good enough.

Hence, hypocrite.

After I finally made an Amazon account (because I needed one to self-publish my own story) I started looking into other indie writers. There were the more professional ones (Hugh Howey, Johnny B Truant, Sean Platt, David Wright) and those not so much, and also a few friends had published before me. I bought books from each type, picking up the occasional random book just because it looked pretty. I now have about 40 self published books on my kindle.

I wish I had realized indie books were this good sooner. They have this honesty to them (something I’ve found in good fanfic as well). There’s no general public that you have to appease, and so certain stories have more depth and truth to them, if only because they can. The restrictions are gone. You want to write a 58 part space opera? By all means, go right damn ahead. Your ideas are a little off, avant garde meets forgotten-your-meds? Someone’ll like it. I’ll probably like it. Even if I don’t, I have to admire that you wrote it and put it out there.

Indie books are the garage band music of today. They may not all be perfect and polished, but they have heart and passion in them. If you don’t read indie books, or self-published stuff, and you’re worried about quality– give it a go anyway. Check the Look Inside feature, decide whether the person’s grammar is up to standards, and give their book a try. You might be surprised.

(I’m not saying bad grammar is ok. But typos happen, and just because you didn’t have a team of editors to catch it doesn’t mean the book is bad [and if you do have a team, they might still not catch it]. Another great thing with indie books- the author can update the file. I changed my file out about 12 times since I first published Larkspur. A typo here, an extra sentence there.. and now it’s all good.)

I added a bit more to Larkspur

Not a lot. Like 3 sentences. And they were sentences that I only realized had to be there after I started writing Spadille. I had made mention of Clandestina being a land of healers, and how this forced many of the spirits of death away. Upon rereading I realized this made it sound like illness and death weren’t a problem. This isn’t true. In some ways it’s more of a problem because there are few governing spirits of death, and mortal healers can only do so much. So compared to other lands, you have a higher survival rate in Clandestina after you’re wounded. The healers know their stuff, there are surgeons, etc. But at the same time ‘acts of God’ cannot be controlled. A plague is a plague, and one is more likely to show up in Clandestina to even the score because so many people are surviving physical wounds that should be fatal.

I’m learning a lot of this as I go along. I’ve had Pierre and these characters in my head for about ten years. I know them well. But at the same time this has gone through so many changes, and thinking about it is different than writing it out. It’s like a different part of the brain is being used. So as I’m typing I come up with twists I didn’t realize were there, and yet make total sense.

The problem being, I’m writing volume 2, and volume 1 is out. Again, I fixed it, but I’ve had 37 buys and over 1000 downloads. Some people might be confused.

I am going to try and keep explaining this in volume 2 and hope it doesn’t seem like a contradiction. I have to email Amazon and get them to update everyone’s files. Which really should be an automatic process, but that’s a rant for another post.


Wow. My free day was amazing. In total, over a 24 hour period, I had 864 downloads. A great majority from the US, but a fair few from Canada, the UK, and 4 from Germany. I think even an Aussie picked up a copy.

Today, the day after, I’ve had 10 *sales.* Yup, sales– people paying money to get Larkspur. I had thought about putting the price back up to $2.99 for a few days, but decided against it- Larkspur remains at 99cents. This isn’t about cash, it’s about readers, and making my name with writing. The cash and fame can come later 😛 It is also motivating me to write Spadille. I need more books out. It’s been a month, which isn’t a very long time, but pretty much forever on the internet. If there isn’t an update soon, 9 out of those 10 buyers will probably forget all about me.

To anyone reading this who downloaded or bought Larkspur- thank you from the bottom of my heart.’s spotlit indie book: Larkspur!

I received an email this morning that Larkspur will be’s spotlit indie book this Friday! You should be able to find it here,, though as it is Tuesday my book won’t be there yet. I’ll edit with a direct link when it goes live.

I have been super excited and happy ever since I published Larkspur. People seem to like it, and it averages 4.3 stars right now on Amazon 🙂 I’m getting the outline done for Spadille, along with the scraps and few raw paragraphs I have already written. School’s getting a bit in the way, and I won’t be able to start my Elegant Darkness review series as soon as I’d hoped (though, I did sign up to Goodreads, I might be able to review some darker works I’ve already read there and cross-post).

My interview with Tellest will be live at midnight tonight, I’ll edit in the link for that as well when I can.

Thank you everyone who has bought or downloaded my book, and helped/encouraged me while I was finishing it, and now dealing with it being a ‘real book.’ Remember to sign up for the email list if you want extras or early snippets, and if you have read and liked the book- please leave a review!

Hope everyone’s having an awesome day!


Writing updates

Still confirming, self-publishing is awesome. I’ve finished playing with the keywords, and my old/new cover finally came up as well. No sales yesterday or today, yet, but I’m hoping some of the free downloaders (or one of the 9 buyers) adds a review soon. It’s only been two weeks, I know I should be patient, and I’m lucky to have gotten the one review already.

‘Dear Friend’ (which started out as a short story), might get it’s wordcount bumped up. I thought I’d write it fast and put it out, but I’m unsure about the plot. It’s either growing, or unraveling 😛 But I do have a cover for it already that I just love. It’s part of the reason I feel the story should be longer, have some more substance to it.Image

Spadille’s plot is coming along, but that too should be something I’m writing faster. It has more plot threads than Larkspur, and I’m hoping I can manage a 25K+ minimum (I’ll feel more justified with a $2.99 price point there, and maybe I can keep Larkspur at a permanent .99) Hopefully it’ll be worth the ‘wait’ (if you’re used to quick indie releases. I won’t take a year, but it might be a few weeks).

I have an interview lined up with Tellest ( as well! They’re fantasy authors, Tellest is their world, and they also do interviews with indie writers. The ‘main’ author downloaded and likes Larkspur, can’t wait to see what sort of questions he has.

Self-publishing is so fun!

I am having so much fun self-publishing. There’s so much freedom to it! I find an error- fix it, reupload, and it’s all good. I decided I’d prefer an earlier version of the cover, and I’m updating it in a few minutes when my last change finishes going through.

Keywords! I used it more like a tagging system, but was informed of how certain categories are flagged with certain keywords, so that’s what I just changed now. It should be under varying interesting categories soon, like witches and wizards, and paranormal.

Also emailed a few bloggers, asking if they’d like to read/review Larkspur. I do have an interview with a friend who has a fantasy-website as well. 1K down with Spadille, vol 2 of The Courting of Life and Death, and it’s the weekend- time to write.

Good times are here, finally.