Little update

I’ve been having a few really good days lately, but sadly not so much to do with writing. I saw Eddie Izzard last night 🙂 There was a Q&A after the show and he walked by our side of the crowd to get to the middle- shook my hand ❤ He had lovely nail polish and earrings in (action transvestite, you see).

I’ve mostly been hanging about with my boyfriend, watching QI and Ally McBeal between games of Magic: The Gathering. Fun times. I am really wanting to write though. I’ve had enough ‘no writing’ days that it’s starting to get a little boring. I’ll go to bed early tonight and take the laptop, Far too many people have told me Larkspur was short, and they want to read moar. I really do owe them Delphinium.

I do have a little book news- got my first sale in Australia today, which is exciting. Also Just Kindle Books has put up Larkspur as it’s Fantasy/SciFi story of the day 🙂


Oh my goodness, I love all of you: Larkspur has 6 reviews, averaging 4.5‘s!

Every time I look at the work, all I see are tiny errors, or things I would have phrased differently. I’m waiting for that 1 review to show up, calling me out for daring to say I’m a real writer.. and yet people enjoy it. 3 of the reviews are 4, and 3 are 5, so far it’s been well received and liked by everyone. And no, none of these are family members 😀

“I like my fiction dark, and V.M. Jaskiernia knows how to deliver. Her approach to necromancy was fresh and alluring, the story was fluid, and I was full immersed in the world V.M. created from the first page.”

“Larkspur is a simple, beautiful, and slightly twisted love story. My imagination came to life with the images that Jaskiernia created. The author has a way with words that I am excited to see expanded upon in the sequel.”

“Necromancers are cool, and in this book, they are even cooler.”

I guess I’m a real author guys, and not half bad. My childhood dream has officially come true ❤ Now to keep writing.

Amazon *sigh*

I’m signed up with KDP Select. It’s 90 days, exclusive to Amazon. You get some free days for marketing purposes. The thing is, Amazon has been wonky lately. Everyone is having diminishing sales, the keywords aren’t working right, and it’s just.. blah.

Final straw– Amazon just emailed me saying that, even though I had added several hundred words of content, fixed errors, and asked them to update the work, they have not found ‘enough’ to inform those that have already bought the book to update it.

I’m thinking of breaking my KDP Select contract and upload to Kobo/B&N and such anyway. I don’t think they can do much more than kick me out of Select, which I’m very ok with. I know my other stories will not be tied to Amazon.

EDIT: Ok, I won’t break Select. I said I’d give 90 days, I will. 😛 I might as well use the free promo days anyway.