Delphinium ramble

I’m either 1/3rd or a 1/4th of the way through Delphinium, depending on if it stretches the wordcount I had originally planned. While all of Larkspur is 15K, Delphinium is currently 10K+ and with still a lot to go. 30K might become 35K, or even 40K if I really get into it.

While I’m glad I wrote and released Larkspur, it really is a ‘prologue.’ My original plan for writing was to release small 10K-15K snippets, out of sync, to slowly build a world from many different angles. And while I had done something like that years ago on deviantART (yeah, yeah, we all had that phase), it is not a writing-plan to use with publishing. Ideally I would put Larkspur and Delphinium together, but as it is Larkspur will stay and be perma-free to entice folk to the rest of the books (when more are out). While I will have some 99cent or perma-free shorter stories, I plan to write longer actual-books from now on (though they may still be relatively short while I get the hang of things).

So the rest of the series is more plotted, with a real beginning-middle-end. At least in my head. On paper it might get a little wonky (it’s amazing what I learn about this world even after all these years) but that’s at least half the fun.

Snippet time! Not giving any context, took out the names too 🙂

“He grabbed —–’s throat until the other stopped struggling, barely moving but still on the edges of consciousness. The dagger then found his lungs, and any remaining movement and life in him began to drain away. The blade was pulled out only to enter again. In all —– had five deep wounds in his chest. None were yet fatal.”’s spotlit indie book: Larkspur!

I received an email this morning that Larkspur will be’s spotlit indie book this Friday! You should be able to find it here,, though as it is Tuesday my book won’t be there yet. I’ll edit with a direct link when it goes live.

I have been super excited and happy ever since I published Larkspur. People seem to like it, and it averages 4.3 stars right now on Amazon 🙂 I’m getting the outline done for Spadille, along with the scraps and few raw paragraphs I have already written. School’s getting a bit in the way, and I won’t be able to start my Elegant Darkness review series as soon as I’d hoped (though, I did sign up to Goodreads, I might be able to review some darker works I’ve already read there and cross-post).

My interview with Tellest will be live at midnight tonight, I’ll edit in the link for that as well when I can.

Thank you everyone who has bought or downloaded my book, and helped/encouraged me while I was finishing it, and now dealing with it being a ‘real book.’ Remember to sign up for the email list if you want extras or early snippets, and if you have read and liked the book- please leave a review!

Hope everyone’s having an awesome day!


Too short

Got a second review on Larkspur today! Another 4 Star, with the same issue as the first—it was short.

It’s only 14.5K. You’re right, it is short. Hopefully a little sweet, and twisted, but short all the same. I’ve been working on Larkspur for 2 years. Not because it was a lot to write, but I couldn’t do more than a few sentences or pages at a time. I rewrote and edited and tried to perfect what I had. And perfection is impossible. So I often decided it was all shit, and I’m a useless writer as well. And while not deleting it, I would leave it entirely alone for days or weeks. Time piled up.

I wanted to finally finish this story and get my work out there. I did that. I’m proud of that.

I do wish it was longer, though. There were things I didn’t have time to write because I set a hard end-date for myself. In some ways that’s ok, the story doesn’t veer off into any subplots. A bit of family, but mostly it’s a short romance.

Spadille, volume 2, will be (I’m hoping) at least 25K. Longer than that maybe. If I can find a rhythm, and work on my thoughts-to-wordcount ratio, maybe I’ll get into the habit of writing a lot fast. Spadille will have more plot threads, more veering off and secondary characters. I think there will be a volume three, and then the ‘Court of Life and Death’ series will end there. I’ll have an omnibus, probably put Larkspur on .99 or free, and start the next series.

Note that when I do finish this series, it is not the last of Pierre, Clandestina, or necrocræft. I have a lot of stories to tell in that realm, about that family, extended family, and all the rest. A stand-alone story about Ophion and how he met his adopted daughter, Eglė, is in the works as well.

So yes, in a few months, when Spadille is out (and the third volume), Larkspur will just be your first taste. The undertone of flowers and blood that leads you to more, and does not promise something that is yet out of reach.

Writing updates

Still confirming, self-publishing is awesome. I’ve finished playing with the keywords, and my old/new cover finally came up as well. No sales yesterday or today, yet, but I’m hoping some of the free downloaders (or one of the 9 buyers) adds a review soon. It’s only been two weeks, I know I should be patient, and I’m lucky to have gotten the one review already.

‘Dear Friend’ (which started out as a short story), might get it’s wordcount bumped up. I thought I’d write it fast and put it out, but I’m unsure about the plot. It’s either growing, or unraveling 😛 But I do have a cover for it already that I just love. It’s part of the reason I feel the story should be longer, have some more substance to it.Image

Spadille’s plot is coming along, but that too should be something I’m writing faster. It has more plot threads than Larkspur, and I’m hoping I can manage a 25K+ minimum (I’ll feel more justified with a $2.99 price point there, and maybe I can keep Larkspur at a permanent .99) Hopefully it’ll be worth the ‘wait’ (if you’re used to quick indie releases. I won’t take a year, but it might be a few weeks).

I have an interview lined up with Tellest ( as well! They’re fantasy authors, Tellest is their world, and they also do interviews with indie writers. The ‘main’ author downloaded and likes Larkspur, can’t wait to see what sort of questions he has.