I’m working on the first scene that I plan to put online. It’s short, shouldn’t be more than 1000 words, about how Pierre and Lizzy met for the first time. I didn’t know that’s how they met when I started the scene. I just started writing and it.. happened.

I used to RP (roleplay) online- write a paragraph with my characters, someone else replies with their own paragraph, and so on. An interactive story. I learned to write those afternoons making up stories with friends. Pierre was actually a character that I made specifically to rp with so his story didn’t get muddled with my ‘just my story’ stuff. Ironic how he’s the protagonist in my first published work.

So I can see how it’s easier for me to write out a short scene and then stand back, assuming someone else will then come in and give me something to reply to. It’s how I thought I’d publish my work actually- short scenes that were out of order and stacked together to form a chapter-book of sorts.

(Larkspur was originally a scene called Lady of Death. The only two characters to make an appearance were Pierre and Mora, with mentions of Lizzy).

You can see how I then thought Larkspur, at 15K, was fleshed out. There were subplots and characters I didn’t intend to introduce at all showing up. Wolfram’s love even got a name-change between Larkspur and Delphinium (her name isn’t in the first book though, so there aren’t any limited edition versions with that in it. There are though versions where I call Mora’s realm Plwto, then Thanatos, and finally Akhlys ).

Delphinium went even further. What was supposed to be a sequel at a bit over twice the length grew into a tome that’ll be at least 6 times as long as Larkspur. There’s at least three strong subplots and I can’t tell if that’s too much.

In a way I’m worried about going ‘back’ to scenes. What if I get used to just writing random bits and pieces, but forget to put them all together to make a real story later?

Well, there is nothing saying I have to leave the scene after it’s done. If there’s something there for me to use I can let it grow into a book or a series. You’ll have seen a part, probably an important part, but it won’t be the whole story.

(That’s exactly my current ‘problem’ with Delphinium. I wrote a few scenes that happened around the same time, started to connect them together, and -poof- I made a real book. Something something green fairy joke).

Even if it is just backstory that doesn’t come up but in passing, with writing it out I’ll have the extra that I wouldn’t have. You’ll have it too. And not just as a reply in an interview or an explanation given after the fact, but an actual slice of story.


Change in plans

I think the sequel is no longer called Spadille. I may have expanded the series a little… it’s sort of at 6 books right now (including Larkspur). Working out the technicalities. The actual content of what I have so far is the same though, I’m not changing anything story-wise. I’m just working on a better theme and tone for the series as a set. I may revert a bit and just call it the Larkspur set, taking out the long ‘Courting of Life and Death’ series title as well..

Spadille as a title for something will still happen though. Perhaps just with the next set.


I really need to focus on schoolwork, or Spadille, because I’m getting whiplash from trying to think and rethink everything about Larkspur. I think I’ve left the text alone, but every time I load it up I want to make small tweaks. I sometimes do, and reupload it, but I don’t think anyone will notice if one instance of ‘the duc’ is just changed to ‘he.’

And pricing. 99cents, or $2.99, royalties vs perceived value, vs impulse buys? I’m going back and forth on this all the time. Thing is, I’m selling about a copy a day on average. That isn’t a lot. And at least half the time it’s a friend who bought it, which doesn’t really count. My novelette is 99cents right now, it’s 15K/60pages. Is it worth more than a dollar? More than a candy bar (which, at my school, are now $1.25, meaning I value my story less than a Kit-Kat). What about $2.99– too much? 3 whole dollars for a story you can read in about an hour and a half. But a dollar for half an hour of entertainment doesn’t seem like too much..

I don’t know. I don’t think a lot of people do. This is new, it’s all a guessing game. At first people bought 99cents, now I’ve heard they see that price and think ‘bad book.’ I’ve seen books with terrible writing sell for $4.99, and good books not sell for less.

On one hand, it’s a pain in the ass. I want my book to do well. I hope it’s good (so far other people seem to think so). What else do I do?

Well, the answer to that is obvious- keep writing, write the next book. It’ll be longer, more complex, hopefully even better.

I might change it back to $2.99. I probably will, for a day or two, and then maybe try $1.99. As long as it’s my only book out I won’t stop tinkering with it. When Spadille comes out I think I’ll be able to keep Larkspur at 99cents for a lead in. A few more books later I might make it permafree.