Scene 7

Working on Scene 7, ‘Wolf Girl.’ The main character is Inisaira, one of my first characters from way back when I was 13. Her story has been a constant in my mind for years, and I’m glad to be getting back to that realm (and werewolves, I love werewolves). Charting the timeline is helping me sort through 13 years of memories, old ideas, and plots that no longer work. Like with Clandestina I have several generations of stories there (I love a family saga).

I’m thinking Inisaira’s story might be the second series I begin properly (alongside Pierre and Lizzy’s), but much of that is still in the air. Plus I want to write the short-story ‘Dear Friend’ (which is in yet another, third, realm) which seems too long for a Scene, but shouldn’t break 10K. I might put it up for 99cents or even free from the start. I have six or seven main realms where many of my stories take place, and many many more minor realms that I don’t know enough about yet, but plan to work in. Remember, Noctuina has 256 different magical realms, with different cræfts, bestia, and histories.

Delphinium is coming along well too, I’ve been at the beach this last week and that helped with a lot of thinking and plotting. I’ve actually updated Larkspur with the opening scene of Delphinium, and an author’s note near the start.

‘Wolf Girl’ should be up tonight 🙂


Ok, so I got 898 words last night. Not quite a thousand, but better than I usually do. Have one last homework assignment to do before I’m free forever, and I’ll write between procrastinating on that. This evening I’ll devote some ‘just Delphinium’ time.


Usually when I start writing, I start to worry. If not outright panic. Everything from “my story sucks” to “I am no good at this at all.” And so after a while I generally stop and go do something else. I haven’t felt safe and happy when I write in a while.

Today I’ve been writing for an hour. I was going to post that part 2 will be up tonight, but I think that’s just adding another layer of pressure. So while I am aiming for that, I’m not stating it. Because, having written for an hour- I feel better with writing.

I started working on part 2, knowing part 1 was short by a hundred words, and not really knowing where to go. Then I started typing and a completely different scene showed up. So now that gets the stage for part 2, and part 1 gets longer because I want the lead-up to be there.

And that’s ok! I liked exploring where this was going, even if it veered away from my outline and some of the current scenes. It felt right.

If I can manage to get this feeling more often, make myself write at least an hour a day, I can not only get a lot more done- I can feel like I used to, when I realized at 13 that the stories in my head could be put on paper.

More snippets for your patience 🙂

“The Royal Land of Hearts clings to its humanity– did you never notice other students uncertain of being paired with you to study, or even professors wary of you?” He had, of course, but never thought it had anything to do with being fée. His status as princeling, perhaps, or even an aura about him because of the dark cræft he practiced, but not his being the son of a man who had been spirited away. Then again, his closest friend at University was from the duchy where a misstep in the woods would lead you into a fée’s domain.

Book II

I really need to get Delphinium out. Larkspur’s sales have peaked, and even though it’s not even been 3 months yet, I already feel like ‘hey I wrote a book!’ is getting old. I don’t want to spam people, I want people to read my stuff because they like that sort of thing. My Facebook Party has 18 confirmed guests, and my sales are at 132- so it seems people are at least a little interested.

But I won’t be able to keep anyone’s interests with a short novelette and no sequel.

I moved the facebook release date to the 30th, just so it wouldn’t stay on the 20th, but I think I can hit that. The extra week is giving me a lot more breathing room, even accounting for an exam I have to take on the 23rd. I’m essentially home alone for the next two weeks (family in Poland, and while brother is at home, he’s out a lot) and won’t have many distractions aside from keeping the house not-on-fire. Now just not to get sucked into procrastination.

Larkspur will still be free on the 20th and 21st, going on to Nook, Kobo and other platforms the 22nd.

Little update

I’ve been having a few really good days lately, but sadly not so much to do with writing. I saw Eddie Izzard last night 🙂 There was a Q&A after the show and he walked by our side of the crowd to get to the middle- shook my hand ❤ He had lovely nail polish and earrings in (action transvestite, you see).

I’ve mostly been hanging about with my boyfriend, watching QI and Ally McBeal between games of Magic: The Gathering. Fun times. I am really wanting to write though. I’ve had enough ‘no writing’ days that it’s starting to get a little boring. I’ll go to bed early tonight and take the laptop, Far too many people have told me Larkspur was short, and they want to read moar. I really do owe them Delphinium.

I do have a little book news- got my first sale in Australia today, which is exciting. Also Just Kindle Books has put up Larkspur as it’s Fantasy/SciFi story of the day 🙂


Wow. My free day was amazing. In total, over a 24 hour period, I had 864 downloads. A great majority from the US, but a fair few from Canada, the UK, and 4 from Germany. I think even an Aussie picked up a copy.

Today, the day after, I’ve had 10 *sales.* Yup, sales– people paying money to get Larkspur. I had thought about putting the price back up to $2.99 for a few days, but decided against it- Larkspur remains at 99cents. This isn’t about cash, it’s about readers, and making my name with writing. The cash and fame can come later 😛 It is also motivating me to write Spadille. I need more books out. It’s been a month, which isn’t a very long time, but pretty much forever on the internet. If there isn’t an update soon, 9 out of those 10 buyers will probably forget all about me.

To anyone reading this who downloaded or bought Larkspur- thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Amazon *sigh*

I’m signed up with KDP Select. It’s 90 days, exclusive to Amazon. You get some free days for marketing purposes. The thing is, Amazon has been wonky lately. Everyone is having diminishing sales, the keywords aren’t working right, and it’s just.. blah.

Final straw– Amazon just emailed me saying that, even though I had added several hundred words of content, fixed errors, and asked them to update the work, they have not found ‘enough’ to inform those that have already bought the book to update it.

I’m thinking of breaking my KDP Select contract and upload to Kobo/B&N and such anyway. I don’t think they can do much more than kick me out of Select, which I’m very ok with. I know my other stories will not be tied to Amazon.

EDIT: Ok, I won’t break Select. I said I’d give 90 days, I will. 😛 I might as well use the free promo days anyway.