Writing updates

Still confirming, self-publishing is awesome. I’ve finished playing with the keywords, and my old/new cover finally came up as well. No sales yesterday or today, yet, but I’m hoping some of the free downloaders (or one of the 9 buyers) adds a review soon. It’s only been two weeks, I know I should be patient, and I’m lucky to have gotten the one review already.

‘Dear Friend’ (which started out as a short story), might get it’s wordcount bumped up. I thought I’d write it fast and put it out, but I’m unsure about the plot. It’s either growing, or unraveling 😛 But I do have a cover for it already that I just love. It’s part of the reason I feel the story should be longer, have some more substance to it.Image

Spadille’s plot is coming along, but that too should be something I’m writing faster. It has more plot threads than Larkspur, and I’m hoping I can manage a 25K+ minimum (I’ll feel more justified with a $2.99 price point there, and maybe I can keep Larkspur at a permanent .99) Hopefully it’ll be worth the ‘wait’ (if you’re used to quick indie releases. I won’t take a year, but it might be a few weeks).

I have an interview lined up with Tellest (http://tellest.com/) as well! They’re fantasy authors, Tellest is their world, and they also do interviews with indie writers. The ‘main’ author downloaded and likes Larkspur, can’t wait to see what sort of questions he has.


I haven’t written anything in a few days. This is true of the blog, and of Larkspur. I have been thinking and plotting through some stories that take place in Ibella, and some different parts of Clandestina, but I know it isn’t the same.

I’m afraid. I’m proud of my currently writing, but I worry whenever I edit that I’ll mess it up. I think Larkspur will have to be longer, where I currently ‘end’ seems like a problem to me. In some ways this is good, the story will have more words and I’ll be more at peace (I initially wrote ‘piece’ here..) with the $2.99 price. But I still have to write all that. And really, I say end, but the last 1/4th is like zombie-level skin and bones, none of the good chunks of flesh (taking the metaphor too far?).

It’s a dismal update, I know.

On a slightly brighter note, I have set up an email list! You can click to subscribe to the left under Noctuinad Links. At the moment I do not have anyone signed up, but as soon as I get even one name I’ll try and write something, maybe a paragraph from Larkspur that hasn’t been posted online yet, or some info on another realm.