Stories and writing

Writing, I think, is one of the best ways to convey a story. I’ve often been bothered that my words may not portray what I want them to, especially not in a way that might happen if I drew, or made movies/games, or had some visual medium to play with. But there is just so much more to words and our imagination.

First of all, a book is overflowing with details and extras that just can’t be seen through other media. It’s why George R R Martin decided to write A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) the way he did- he wanted to stuff in as much epic scope as possible so that it would be unfilmable (he was annoyed at being limited with what he could write for TV at the time). And while HBO is making a great effort, we all know there are scenes and characters who just feel different or wrong because we can’t see into their heads.

Also, I personally at least, get tired after a few hours of watching TV. Even marathoning a great show on Netflix weighs you down after a bit. Sure, you may occasionally pull an all-nighter to watch a whole anime series without pause- I’ve done it three times* (for those interested, the anime were Ef~ A Tale of Memories, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Your Lie in April) but it isn’t common. Games? Similar- I started playing Fallout 3 (yes 3) a few days ago and the story and worldbuilding are amazing.

But getting hooked on a book and essentially ignoring the entire world until I finish it- now that happens to me a lot. I’m only taking a break from a book right now to write this out and then it’s back to my kindle app. Sorry, even Vault 101 isn’t enough to get me to put aside the story for an extended period of time.

That isn’t to say visuals aren’t important. I sketch sometimes and I’m trying to get better at drawing so that I can show how certain characters or places look. But there’s just something about words.

And the words! Words are important. They aren’t just a means for me to describe a fictional world that you then read about and see in your own mind- though that is in itself magic and telepathy. Add in how books make us feel, want, and connect with beings that never were and you can add witchcraft to that too.

Words to me have a feel, a taste. Good dense writing just seems to require moving my lips and tongue along with what my mind is processing. There’s a rhythm as well to good prose that I hope I manage in my own work.

I suppose that’s the point of this post. To remind myself that writing and books are important as a medium. Sometimes I see amazing art and feel like I write because I can’t do another art better. I do truly love visual media and part of me wonders if my stories would be better as anime, or films, or comics. I sometimes forget that I just plain love words.


*Now that I’m thinking, I’m pretty sure I marathoned Elfen Lied and Future Diary essentially without pause as well. Pink haired protagonists for the win.