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Up until now I was self-publishing the usual way. Write the book, edit, and release it after months or years. I knew web serials existed, but somehow it never clicked that I could write my books that way first. And now it has so I’m kinda starting over!

You can click below to start reading The Courting of Life and Death, aka, Stories of Clandestina. The first book is up and the second book has started being serialized. Patrons get chapters early on Mondays. When the book is finished I’ll compile it, edit it, and release it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and other ebook distributors.

I have plans that go through 22 books already in the realm of Clandestina and the part of Faery that it connects to. Sequels, prequels, stand-alone books, and series, all about the realm.

Of course I also have several other realms with many books and stories too. So I’ll be writing for years and years to come.

I hope you enjoy my stories! ❤

The Courting of Life and Death

Clandestina is a realm of secrets, fairies, and dark magics. Among the nobles there is talk of a goddess of death, and a forbidden magic she grants to those that follow her– cræft that can heal injuries that should be fatal or even bring back the dead. But she asks for much in return; blood and sometimes even life itself.

Pierre Salvador has just returned to court after finishing his studies and becoming a surgeon. But as he flirts with his childhood friend Elizabeth Anne, Mora, The Lady of Death, waits for him.

1 ~ Larkspur ~ Gala
2 ~ Larkspur ~ Illness
3 ~ Larkspur ~ Lord of Death
4 ~ Larkspur ~ Fairies and Daimons
5 ~ Larkspur ~ Murder
6 ~ Larkspur ~ Poison
7 ~ Delphinium ~ Spirits of Death
8 ~ Delphinium ~ Cræft
9 ~ Delphinium ~ Fée Funeral
10 ~ Delphinium ~ Her Fate
10.5 ~ The First Suitor ~
11 ~ Delphinium ~ The Witch and the Duc
12 ~ Delphinium ~ Flirting
12.5 ~ Hanging ~
13 ~ Delphinium ~ A Favor
14 ~ Delphinium ~ Château
15 ~ Delphinium ~ Death and Dreams
16 ~ Delphinium ~ Council meeting
17 ~ Delphinium ~ Dancing Lessons
17.5 ~ Fée Child ~
18 ~ Delphinium ~ Going into town

The Books

Larkspur Quartet
1L Larkspur Small.jpg

Larkspur, or A Necromancer’s Romance (vol. 1)
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Pierre Salvador is a surgeon and the heir to a duchy, returning to court after years away at University. Now the childhood friend he left behind has grown-up–and is still not wed. But she does not know of his dealings with Mora, the Lady of Death, or what the jealous goddess wants him to do in return for her dark magic.

2L Delphinium Small.jpg

Delphinium, or A Necromancer’s Home (vol. 2)

Lady Elizabeth Anne does not know about the dark magic her beloved practices, and he has no intent to tell her. As they travel to his childhood home for the summer, Pierre Salvador attempts to balance his newfound love with his murderous cræft.

After they arrive the future Duc de Piques finds there is much to be done, and duties cannot be put off any longer. A fatal illness is spreading throughout his land, he is being claimed by those of Faery, and someone has already tried to take his life.

But it will take much more to kill a lord of death.