How I make my maps 🗺️

I've never been great at maps. Until recently, apparently. I did a lot of research and finagling until I came up with a style for maps that suits me and looks lovely without taking a lot of artistic talent. Many people asked me how I did it, so I spent most of a night making... Continue Reading →

Checking in with y’all

It has been a while since I wrote a regular blog post and I thought I'd do that and let everyone know what's up. Writing has been going very well. Turning my books into web serials may have been one of the best decisions I've made beside just self-publishing in general. It's gotten me many... Continue Reading →


When I first started writing Larkspur I had the series title as The Courting of Life and Death I then thought that was too vague, so I decided to just name the varying series after the realms they take place in, and called the first series Stories of Clandestina. Now, with the internet serial, I... Continue Reading →


I've redone the website! The main blog is still here, but I'll also be putting my serialized stories on WordPress, as well as Royal Road, so you can read wherever you are more comfortable. Links to where you can support me are now on the right, and the 'front page' is now a static Table... Continue Reading →

Let’s do this!

I have everything set up to begin my new life as a serial killer author. Patreon is up, tiers are tweaked, dropbox folders linked so that each tier can get early chapters 🙂 Royal Road has been set up too! It really is an amazing site, works great on mobile (though they're making an app... Continue Reading →

New game plan

It's 5:08 am. I'm running off of caffeine, insanity, and stubbornness. I think I just flipped my *entire* writing life upside-down. This is just crazy enough to work, and I need it to work. So, as you may have noticed, I've been getting a lot of stuff together lately. I made plans. I was going... Continue Reading →


I have been organizing my writing-life for the past three weeks. I realized I had a jumbled mess of scraps, writing, worldbuilding, and art in random places online, and very few of the places even had the same amount of stuff. I just finished adding all of my Scenes to all of my online profiles.... Continue Reading →

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