The Noctuinad Wiki

So a while back I loved the idea of a wiki for my stories and world. I had set up a TiddlyWiki for it, and I thought I would have a public one without spoilers, and a private one with all of my notes and information.

And while I love tiddlywiki it was a bit of a hassle to work with. I began using OneNote as my personal wiki, but then I still had to work on the public one. I also realized that the vast majority of fandom wikis are run by (drumroll please) – fandom (duh).

So I’ve gone ahead and started a Fandom Wiki (formerly Wikia) for The Noctuinad ❤

It is currently empty because I made it 15 minutes ago and all I’ve had a chance to do is make the color scheme match my website. It’s currently open to edit by anyone, though if we start to get misinformation, spam, or vandalism, I’ll start locking pages. I presume I’ll be the one working on it most of the time until I gain more clout, but it’s nice to have. I might squee when the first actual fan starts to make edits.

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