Why do you put your stories up on Royal Road/Wattpad?

It helps me to keep writing if I have a schedule, and releasing online gives me that. And it’s nice to receive comments and likes for each chapter as I go. It also lets people read a version of the story even if they can’t buy the books.

Should I read the online versions or the books?

The books have been edited and changed compared to the first-draft version that’s up on Royal Road/Wattpad. They, and their changes, are canon (I even sometimes go back and make changes to the books if I find an error to fix it).

If, while editing the books, I come across an important change I may go back and tweak the online version too, but not always (for instance–in the online drafts, Síofra is referred to as ‘fay’ – but I realized while editing she would be ‘fée’ instead).

If you enjoy the stories and want the full and complete story, I suggest the books.

I found your stories on another website that’s not RR/wattpad– do you upload there too?

Not anymore. I used to upload my drafts to many serial websites (certain subreddits, Neovel, Tapas, ScribbleHub, etc) but did not get the views there that made me feel it was worth the time to keep posting. Most were deleted. I now only use Royal Road, Wattpad, and Patreon (working on a Ko-Fi). Anything else is either an old version of the stories, or not put up there by me at all.

Are there different editions of your books? My copy has a scene/sentence that is contradicted in later books.

I try and be as consistent and thoughtful as possible with my stories. But sometimes I realize I messed up somewhere and things need to be changed. I update the ebooks themselves in this case (printed physical copies unfortunately can’t be changed for obvious reasons), and sometimes even the online draft. If you bought my book earlier than this update, there may be some things that are out of place.

I do ask Amazon to push the updates to those that have bought the book (they don’t always listen though), so see if there’s an update for you

(Go to https://www.amazon.com/hz/mycd/digital-console/contentlist/booksAll/dateDsc/jaskiernia – this will search for Jaskiernia, my uncommon surname, and my books will pop up. Some may have a ‘Update Available’ tag, so click it to get the newest and best version of the story)

I don’t know if/how other vendors deal with redone ebooks. I think some of them do send out new editions, but not all. Or you may have just gotten the book for free when I gave it out, and that can’t be updated. If this is the case, send me a message (my email is in the side-bar!) and I’ll happily give you the most updated copy.

As of November 2022, I did a fairly extensive edit of both Larkspur and Delphinium. I fixed a lot of grammar, changed a few things around, and even rewrote some backstory that will seem like a contradiction in latter books. These changes are now canon. As there aren’t *that* many copies out there (I hope?) and I’m not super famous, maybe it won’t matter that much. But again, please don’t hesitate to contact me about this.

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