Maps for Sale

I love fantasy stories and worldbuilding. And maps are a huge part of this! A great map will set the tone for the story and pull you into the world ❤

I work with clients directly (contact me through Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, or Email: If you’d like a different shape of map (square, or a tall rectangle instead of a long one) then we’ll just go with the price for what size map is closest. I’ll work with you until you’re happy, and if you ever need tweaks or want something changed in the future, I’ll gladly make edits for you.


CommissionDescription Price USD
Small Map2000px for the longest dimension
Medium Map5000px for the longest dimension
Large Map8000px for the longest dimension

If you’re a book author and just want a small map for the front, I would go with the smallest size.

If you’re working on a game campaign, or a huge world, the next two tiers would be more appropriate.

Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or thoughts and I’ll be happy to reply asap!


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