Maps for sale

I love fantasy stories and worldbuilding. And maps are a huge part of this! A great map will set the tone for the story and pull you into the world ❤

I offer three different sizes of maps at three different price tiers. If you’d like to talk to me through email, reddit, TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook, I can offer a 20% discount. If you’d rather go through a third party source, I have a Fiverr as well, but do raise my prices to cover what the website takes.







Map SizeDirectFiverr
6inx4in – 300dpi
1800px by 1200px

A small map for your book,
or that just needs the basics
15inx10in – 300dpi
4500px by 3000px

A large map with more
intricate details
25inx20in – 300dpi
7500px by 6000px

A huge map to detail
your whole world

If you’re a book author and just want a small map for the front, I would go with the smallest size. I can make you a black and white version for your print book as well (extra $25).

If you’re working on a game campaign, or a huge world, the next two tiers would be more appropriate.

Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or thoughts and I’ll be happy to reply asap!


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