2.35 ~ The Prince and the Duc

~ Iunday, 10th of Maius, 11831 ~ Aimé made the trip in six days. On the afternoon of the aptly named Fairy Moon he returned to Spadille with a small retinue. They had all ridden their own horses, cutting the time from about two weeks to one, forsaking pleasantries and carts for the speed that... Continue Reading →

2.34 ~ Feuilles

~ Dvoday, 4th of Maius, 11831 ~ Two days after sending the message that they had not yet found him, the party that had gone to search for Jourdain returned. Pierre asked them to his office. Elwin and Vivien were there with him as margrave and steward at either side of him. Vivien was feeling... Continue Reading →

2.33 ~ Mora

~ Siwenday, 2nd of Maius, 11831 ~ There was an uneasiness among all in the château. Cordelia refused to leave her rooms and Pierre could not blame her. The guilt, while lessened from speaking with the priest, still wrapped around his heart the next day. If Jourdain was just dead perhaps he could have let... Continue Reading →

2.32 ~ Church

~ (Continued) Hexday, 1st of Maius, 11831 ~ That night Pierre locked himself in his room. He had thought he dealt with the guilt, but he had just pushed it aside. He had made a lovely young woman a widow and now he learned he had taken away a child’s father. And Renaud! Oh, Renaud... Continue Reading →

2.30 ~ Familiar

~ Qvattorday, 30th of Aprilis, 11831 ~ “Do you still want to become a suitor of death knowing what you do?” Pierre asked. He had called the boy into his quarters knowing Elizabeth would be out with Síofra, Maiolaine, and the stewardess’s children this afternoon. His advisors too were busy, away, or as of two... Continue Reading →

2.29 ~ Magic of Death

~ Iunday, 27th of Aprilis, 11831 ~ Pierre had never plotted a murder before. He had committed them, yes, but the target had always been found by another or chosen scarce moments before the deed was done. He had practiced on the ill, the criminal, and those already in some form condemned by forces outside... Continue Reading →

~ Return ~

~ Siwenday, 21st of Prima, 11805 ~ Lord Dorian, Steward of Piques, sat across from Duc Felicien, who had been his childhood friend so very long ago. They had been playing in a creek in the woods when the younger boy disappeared at Springfinding. Dorian himself could barely remember it, but the after-effects had been... Continue Reading →

~ Mothers ~

~ Iunday, 10th of Maius, 11793 ~ It was a dying wish. The Duchesse of Piques was over seventy years old, having outlived her husband by several years, but she seemed even older in her weakened state. She had never recovered from losing her child in her youth, the young heir snatched by the fée... Continue Reading →

2.28 ~ Meetings

~ Qvattorday, 23th of Aprilis, 11831 ~ Pierre once more read over the missive he had received from the prison that morning. It confirmed there had been enough evidence that the incarceration at His Grace’s pleasure would have held for the chief if he had been alive. For a year and a day Augustin Raoul... Continue Reading →

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